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BLÜ - A hotel in Bad Hofgastein

The perfect base for adventures in the Gastein Valley

In the middle of the Gastein Valley, at the heart of Bad Hofgastein. Exactly where it feels good. That is where we have established the BLÜ. A hotel that is entirely dedicated to free expression. Enjoyment and an open mind towards all things and everything that has no connection to everyday life. Themost relaxed anchor point for all the adventures the region has to offer.

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Rested and recharged

A good night's sleep is half the battle, which is what we like to make possible for our guests. So, whether you prefer to surround yourself with rugged rocks or soft pillows: You are in good hands in our rooms.



Active voyages of discovery.

When we talk about our home Gastein, we quickly go into raptures for a good reason. Because the Gastein Valley has something to offer all. For the culture vultures as well as for the mountain enthusiasts.

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Events & News

Right in the midst of it

Everyday happenings, great concerts, inspiring lectures, blossoming events, and many friendly people who enjoy the beauty. All this can be experienced at Hotel BLÜ. If you want to be part of it, you are already in the middle of it.



Culinary blossoming in the Gastein Valley.

Food, perhaps the most beautiful "minor matter" in the world, enjoys great attention at BLÜ. Eva Eder - herself well-travelled and an aficionado when it comes to delicacies from all over the world - brings the best from near and far into the house. It is world food that is cooked at BLÜ. You can savour typical dishes from Tel Aviv, New York, Vienna and Bangkok as well as from Morocco, Italy and the Salzburg region. The ingredients are all responsibly selected and of the best possible quality.

Blü Specials


BLÜ and Alpentherme - thermal spa
from 214€


BLÜ "Yoga spring & autumn Gastein"
from 465€


BLÜ Daily Yoga (Hotel & Breakfast + Yogalessions)
from 114€


BLÜ Daily Yoga (Hotel & Breakfast & Dinner + Yoga)
from 129€


BLÜ on the mountains
from 403€


BLÜ Hike & Swim
from 735€


from 1,158€


BLÜ on and hike
from 374€


BLÜ & Spa
from 374€


BLÜ & Spa
from 548€


BLÜ & Spa
from 252€
The bar
in the Gastein Valley
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This is where the world comes in, where the region is served: Fine dining and drinking in a relaxed atmosphere during your holidays.

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Relax & Spa

Relaxation is at the top of the list

If you have a lot on your mind, you also need to find time for yourself. The perfect place to do this is on the rooftop of our hotel. Whether it is yoga, the spa, the sauna, or the senses’ roof, in HimmelBLÜ, you are very close to heaven.