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The hotel in Bad Hofgastein that inspires

Host Eva Eder

Eva Eder

When life sprouts new buds, Eva Eder is always happy. It was not difficult for her to give up her profession as a lawyer in Vienna to open the Hotel BLÜ in her home province of Salzburger Land. Here she dedicates herself entirely to the immeasurable things in life, happiness, enjoyment, and the satisfaction of her guests. Together, with her furry companion, the hotel dog Poldi.

Eva's love of life in the big city and what she has taken with her from all her travels around the world is now reflected in BLÜ. The love of art and culture, good music and sophisticated design, fine food and uplifting conversation. In this way, it is also the communicative centre of the BLÜ. Engaging, open, and alert are the words her friends use to describe her. And always up for a lot of fun. She likes to call herself Chief Entertainment Officer - and we appreciate this definition of a CEO much, much better.

Hotel dog Poldi

A host on four legs

Although not born here, Poldi, our hotel dog, has been rooted here for a long time. Poldi is named after Eva's Viennese grandmother Leopoldine, the immortal Goddess of and to the traditional Austrian dishes of Zwiebelrostbraten and Grießschmarrn (roast beef with onions and shredded semolina pancakes).

Poldi is a Serbian found dog, a creative mongrel who found her home at BLÜ after a challenging start in life. In all honesty, she is also the boss here. She really enjoys the varied life in Bad Hofgastein and is delighted when dogs from far and wide come to visit her here. She also likes to accompany them on her favourite route, to the waterfall at the back of the house. The perfect run when there is no time for a long walk. Wow!

A family-run hotel full of passion and inspiration: Hotel BLÜ in Bad Hofgastein combines the sweeter aspects of life. Get to know our hotel and send us your room enquiry!