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Gastein is a paradise for speedy legs On the tracks of World­Champions.

Characterised by the Adidas Infinite Trail World Championships, Gastein has made a prominent name for itself in the trail running scene in the past few years. There are two signposted trail routes here: one leads up to the Poserhöhe (not. just for posers!) and the other up to the Gamskarkogel. By the way, this route was part of the Adidas Infinite Trails. So, you are literally running on the world-champion ground.

Gastein offers over 600 kilometres of marked running trails ranging from leisurely promenades to steeper trails up to an altitude of 3000 metres above sea level. Flat and long or challenging and high Alpine. Feel so free, and every day you can decide where your route will take you! The BLÜ is the perfect starting point for running and trail running since countless running and trail routes begin right outside the front door.

The best tracks

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BLÜsider Running Tip

Cover some kilometres on the Achenpromenade. Alternatively, take the Gasteiner Höhenweg, which begins directly behind the BLÜ. From there, you run comfortably up along the edge of the forest, past old mills, and idyllic farmhouses, until you reach the Kötschachtal valley. There you can take the waterfall trail to Bad Bruck and back to Hofgastein.

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BLÜsider Running Tip

Switch to the signposted trail route leading to the Poserhöhe or continue running to the Prossau. You can also take the climb up to Reedsee on the way there. Concentration is required here, however. The steep path leads over impassable forest ground, over sticks and stones. It is worth it because you will finally reach a genuinely unique stretch of nature.

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BLÜsider Running Tip

The high plateau of Sportgastein is perfect for improving your running fitness. Start at 1,500 metres above sea level and choose one of the almost flat hiking trails for a pleasant endurance run or a challenging trail through the forest, for example, to the lower or upper Bockhartsee. Alternatively, you can continue to the Silberpfennig. Or to the Hagenerhütte, already at 2,400 metres at the border crossing to the Mallnitzer Tauern. There you can enjoy a cool, well-deserved refreshment.