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Be free.

The Hotel

A Hotel in Bad Hof­gastein

The home base is in Gastein Valley, in the centre of Bad Hofgastein. For relaxation and activity. For free spirits and pleasure seekers, and to take root and blossom. Open for all and everyone.


Be free

The BLÜ is a hotel that is familiar with the rural tradition and understands perfectly how to incorporate this into the wide world. A hotel where you are welcomed - no matter who you are or what you desire. Climb the highest peaks early in the morning every day or lie in bed and chill until evening? Listening to a jazz concert and being served the finest drinks or immersing yourself in your favourite book in the spa? Thinking or doing? Fine dining or cocktail evening? Mountain tour or spa session? We declare the BLÜ a must-do-free zone.

Anything goes, and nothing is obligatory.

BLÜ stands for: Being free at last. To be you. Allowing all that is good to be. And bloom. The gentleman who has stood guard as a monument in front of our hotel entrance in Bad Hofgastein since 1847 also appreciated these values: the Flower Emperor Franz.

Illustration Emperor Franz

The Flower Emperor Franz

But he is not the only one devoted to all that blossoms: Hostess Eva Eder is also happy when life has new buds. That is why she decided to give up her job as a lawyer in Vienna to return to her home in the Salzburg mountains. Here she dedicates herself entirely to the unmeasurable things in life: the satisfaction of her guests. And the happiness (we like to call it blück) that you experience when you spend your holidays here.

The history of the BLÜ

Our story begins with a lot of history. History that you can virtually breathe, it is so fragrant. So charming that one almost tends to add a "Once upon a time" at the beginning. However, we do not do that - after all, this is not a fairy tale, but a true story of the life that has shaped our location like few others.

So, it happened in the year of snow that a boy wished for nothing more than to spend the whole day not in his own four walls, although they were exquisite, but in the garden. Even as a child, he devoted himself to the study of nature, the fascination of the plant world and the beauty of flowers. He had plenty of all, growing up in Florence's Palazzo Pitti and being able to explore the extensive Boboli Gardens behind it each day. 

In his youth, he went to Vienna because the little boy who adored nature became a proud Emperor Franz. He ruled the Austrian Empire until his death in 1835 and was very fond of plants and people. For example, he brought great joy to the people of our town when he had the thermal water pipeline constructed through the Gastein Valley to Hofgastein, thus laying the foundation stone of the blossoming tourism industry.

As a token of gratitude, a monument was erected to Emperor Franz, which still stands in the same place today - directly in front of the entrance to our hotel. And our name, of course, is also a reference to the young Emperor Franz. He always appreciated the beauty of nature. He loved the blooms and flowers, the mountains and valleys, the air and everything that life has to offer. Because we do too. As do our guests.

Blossom in Gastein - at Hotel BLÜ. Immerse yourself in the colourful world of the BLÜ and reserve your dream room!

Host Eva Eder


The hostess

Eva Eder has re-discovered herself and has made hospitality her profession, making her happier than ever before. In her home, the Salzburg mountains, she has found her new destiny in Bad Hofgastein.

View from the Blü Spa

Box seats

The heart of the hotel

In every corner of Hotel Blü, beautiful things await our guests. However, there are some areas where people especially like to spend time, and we call them our box seats a real time out in Salzburger Land.

View of Bad Hofgastein

Bad Hofgastein

Blü-happyin Hofgastein

The Gastein Valley is full of delights and adventures. It is not without reason that we have put down roots in its very core, in the friendly market town of Bad Hofgastein.

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How it looks

How to spend a great holiday in and around Hotel Blü. Some inspirations in advance. Let us present the Gastein valley.

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Interesting facts

We will be brief

Are there still some question marks? Here you will find the most important information about a stay at Hotel Blü in Bad Hofgastein.

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Location & Arrival

Have a good trip!

There are many ways to reach the Gastein Valley, which we have compiled for you here. One thing is sure: Flower Emperor Franz is already waiting for you in front of the entrance to Hotel Blü.