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A yogini in search of the inner center

in Gastein

Relaxing Yoga in Bad Hofgastein

Escape and get away from it all. Enjoy life to the fullest while actively experiencing the mountains at the same time. That is precisely what BLÜ yoga is all about.

What is Blü-Yoga?

The perfect combination of tension and relaxation. Just simple is boring! Our excellent resident Blü Yogini Fia organises exhilarating hours - blossoming in the wonderful BLÜ yoga room. On the one hand the focus is to prepare you for an active day in the mountains, and to find a balance AFTER a strenuous day. The focus is on YOU: it's all about encouraging your inner buds to BLOSSOM.

Yoga teacher Fia Sonora

Who instructs at the Blü?

Introducing Fia Sonora

"I LOVE movement. Inside AND outside. That is why I have dedicated my life to movement. My aim is to create a place where people love to move and come together to know themselves better. A place to reconnect with oneself, with body AND mind. I have spent most of my life travelling. Travelling to magical, remote places from the Amazon to the Himalayas, as well as to the depths of myself. Over the years, I have participated in several Yoga teacher training courses, from Hatha to Vinyasa, to Yin Yoga and Aerial Yoga. I combine the experiences from all my training into a holistic style of yoga, which I pass on with joy and passion to all those who are interested."

The BLÜ Active programme offers regular Yoga sessions every week and exquisite retreats with selected Yoga teachers from Austria and Germany.

Hotel BLÜ is also the hotspot of the Yogatage Gastein.
Yoga in the mountains will bring you into balance - give it a try. We look forward to your enquiry about a Yoga and activity holiday in Gastein.