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Yoga events at Hotel Blü in Gastein

Fire & Ice - Unleash your inner Warrior Retreat

Supporting programme

Fire & Ice

Yoga retreat with medidation,
breathing exercises,
yoga und ice baths

Resident yoga teacher Fia Sonora will lead you back to your strength of the body, mind and soul with daily Mixed Movement Yoga and a magical burning ritual. The Wim Hof method, Buteygo Breathing and the mindset trainer Peter van Woerkum will accompany you on a journey to yourself through the extreme experience of ice bathing.


Peter van Woerkum

Peter is a coach for managers and a breathing trainer. But above all, he is a friend of the mountains. The mountains led him with his wife and three daughters from Amsterdam to Bad Gastein. Peter works on personal management and mental strength with teams and individual persons. He is a certified Wim Hof method trainer and Buteygo breathing technique trainer.

Fia Sonora

Fia is a resident yoga teacher at BLÜ. She LOVES moving. On the inside AND the outside. She wants to create a space where people like to exercise and come together to get to know themselves better. A space to reconnect with oneself – with the body AND the mind.

Blossom at the BLÜ Yoga Space!